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    The life and times of a true musclecar. Here you will find information and pictures all about the 1964 - 1972 A-Body Chevelle / El Camino. The Chevy El Camino was made from 1959 up to 1972. In 1959 the El Camino's styling was based on the Impala. But that was all changed in 1964 when they decided to style it after the Chevelle. Later, smog regulations pushed strict limits on power and fuel consumption. These cars stock produced up to 450 Horsepower at the crank, if you know anything about cars that is very impressive. In 1973 the musclecar era was ended. New cars made in 1973 and on had the same engines but were underpowered by lowering the compression ratio and by adding performance robbing smog equipment.

The El Camino was designed originally to look like the Impala which came out in 1959. But it was ugly and didn't sell. So in 1964 they decided to try again and base it on the Chevelle, one of the best musclecars ever built. It was a hit, they sold great. So Ford jumped on the bandwagon and built the Ranchero. It was ugly, underpowered and handled like a shoebox. Later in time several other companies tried making these hybrids. Dodge made the Rampage, which was too small and terribly ugly. The El Camino outdid everything of its time.

These cars were a great idea. They looked like a car but yet had a bed big enough to carry stuff and could actually tow. They also handled like a car. Had little body roll and had a very good weight distribution. All this gave these car a great performance potential. With simple bolt-ons these cars became corner carvers.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about Classic El Caminos. I bought mine almost 5 years ago and still drive it today. It has undergone complete restoration.

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